Xavier Wulf | Blood Shore Season 2


Xavier Wulf is a musician from East Memphis, Currently residing in Cali. If you are familiar with any rap artists from the area, Yo Gotti, Triple Six Mafia, 8ball & MJG area all acts out of Memphis. The music from this area of the country has its own sound similar to Texas having a particular sound with UGK being a reference, as well as Cali using NWA as a reference. XW reminds me of the Mista Don’t Play Project Pat days, specifically his track “Thunder Man”.

From the looks of it, XM seems to be a normal kid that rides BMX bikes and watches Afro Samurai. His music reflects a traditional Memphis tone, that I like from my Comin’ Out Hard days. Listen to Xavier Wulf’s Mixtape “Blood Shore Season 2” and download it here.

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