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Now that the summer months have finally come to a close, put away those bathing suits and sandals, pull out those leather jackets, knits and boots. We have time to reflect on the trends for the upcoming fall season. Whether it’s bold new silhouettes, or experimentation with new materials, we are so excited about the possibilities of what designers have in store for us. Here is a list of what we at Notation Quarterly see as Fall trends.

mens4Menswear on women | Yes, you’re reading that correctly. Don’t be afraid to rock those oversized trousers, that you thought were too big, that button up shirt and blazer together, to create that androgynous look. You don’t always have to go for that fitted, tailored look. Be bold, make an statement and stand out!

popofcolortrendPops of Color | We’re all use to the same monotone colors for this season, browns, burgundy, tans, etc. Don’t make Fall so drab, add that pop of color that shows a little more umph and make your outfit more exciting! Liven up a little and stand out from the crowd.

knitKnits | Everyone loves those cozy knits for Fall right? Whether it’s cashmere or cotton knits, we all want to be warm, cozy and comfortable for this season. From smooth knits to chunky knits, these are staple pieces that should be added to your wardrobe.

prints1Prints | Who says you can’t transition some of those Spring prints into the Fall season? Don’t be afraid to mix in those prints with your Fall wardrobe. Make that solid color outfit come a bit more alive when you add that printed piece to it and create a more seasonal look.

shearling copyShearling | Whether it’s lined in a jacket or coat, shearling is that cozy, comfortable and warm fabric that every girl needs in their closet! These are our top picks for the shearling trend.

Whether it’s color or comfort, remember to make a statement with every piece you fall in love with this season.

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