Trench Coat Mafia


No we’re not starting a fashion gang, we want to see fashionable women in super chic trench coats. Every woman needs a trench coat that will be a statement piece to have in her wardrobe.  This season, have a little fun, play a little and stand out from the norm.  From modern, to classic, to a little risky take a look at a few coats we thought turns heads.



Everyone is use to the traditional khaki, tortoise shell button, double breasted trench coats, which is still classic, but in todays fashion world, designers of course think outside the box! We chose these looks because of the different fabrics that you normally don’t see, textures that you wouldn’t think belong on a trench coat, like velvet or boucle.



These trenches have a play on prints with vibrant base colors, which makes the trench that much more amazing! Let’s just call them a walking piece of art! Which trench woman are you? The walking piece of art or the new classic woman with texture?

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