Wohngeist sounds like zeitgeist but for living, which probably means this is the brand that captures the spirit of our lived, domestic lives. With products like its 24-piece tool set, that might just be the case.

WohnGeist-Tool-Set-02-960x640The Swiss furniture and accessories brand is based out of Basel, and manufactures all of its products out of a workshop in Frankendorf, by the river Rheine. Founded by Stefan Senn in 1991 as a furniture brand, the company has since expanded its range of products and offerings to include beautiful bathroom and kitchen tools, interior fittings and home accessories, and even decks and weekend homes, all using wood craftsmanship.

WohnGeist-Tool-Set-03-960x640The Wohngeist tool set comes housed in a Swiss pear wood box, complete with leather handles and magnets to keep the tools in place. Each of the tools themselves feature pear wood handles, which resists warping and splintering. Leave it to the Swiss to make a toolbox that merges utility with quality design.

You can buy the Wohngeist tool set here, and find out more about the brand and its offerings online.

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