THE PERFECT COFFEE SET? | Deviehl & Ross Kopi By Stephanie Smith-Strickland


If you’re a coffee snob than you’ll likely agree that the blend and brew are everything. However, a good blend plus a good-looking coffee cup certainly helps in taking things to the next level.

Deviehl-Coffee-Cup-03-960x640The coffee-obsessed folks over at Ross Kopi decided to see if they couldn’t combine the best of both worlds by partnering with Deviehl on a customized coffee cup and blend set. The result is an ultra-smooth wild Luwak Sumatra coffee blend that made through an intensive process that involves collecting, cleaning and processing the droppings of wild civets deep in the Sumataran forests.

Deviehl offers its expertise on the drinking vessel, which has a beautiful hand-turned rosewood outer, fine porcelain interior, and is finished gold-toned material. The cup also features Deviehl’s revolutionary advanced insulation technology. Talk about drinking in style…

Deviehl-Coffee-Cup-01-960x640The set will be available through Harrods in London, and online at Amara. Be warned, it won’t come cheap, each one retails for $1491.

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