Sugar Daddy by D’Angelo

When it comes to long-awaited, it doesn’t get much more long-awaited than new music from Michael D’Angelo Archer, better known as D’Angelo. Think Chinese Democracy level long-awaited. Detox level long-awaited, even. So, without further ado: here’s the full, official studio version of ‘Sugah Daddy’, a song that soul music’s ever-elusive prodigal son and his new band, The Vanguard, first played live on their celebrated 2012 tour. Welcome back, D.

Watch D’Angelo’s lecture at Red Bull Music Academy’s 2014 festival in New York:…th-d-angelo

The track is 14/20 of the Red Bull 20 Before 15 series – 20 days, 20 exclusive tracks to take you into 2015. For more tracks and free download head to:

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