Staying Healthy in the Cooler Months

fall exercise

We all know it is here, despite if we want to accept it… Cold weather is on its way and its here to stay for a while. Over the past few years, the numbers of individuals who have taken action in working on their health has SKYROCKETED! During the warmer months, it can be easier to lead an active lifestyle, when you have open access to the outdoors, to run, bike, walk, skate, or attend an outdoor boot camp. According to the Texas Heart Institute, “During the winter, even motivated exercisers can find it hard to keep up with their workouts. And for many of us, it can become all too easy to put exercise on hold.” Don’t let the cold weather discourage you or steal your progress. There are several ways to keep your health in check as the weather changes and even more ways to lead a healthy lifestyle indoors, if needed.: The Texas Heart Institute also points out “Keeping up your exercise routine in cold weather has extra benefits. First, outdoor exercise is a great way to cure the “winter blues.” Second, exercise increases your energy levels, which tend to be lower during bouts of cold or gloomy weather. Finally, exercise boosts your immune system, so you may find that you get fewer winter colds.” Fall has arrived, so there is still some time to remain active outdoors but make sure you are prepared if this is the route you chose. Several fitness companies provide the clothing needed to suit your needs whether you want to remain outdoors or come inside for your workouts. If outdoors is the method you are aiming for be sure to wear layers. Although layers sound like something your parents may have told you in the winter weather, we are not talking heavy layers here. The layers you want to create for outdoors are lightweight, moisture wicking and have some type of thermo technology. Ensuring those three criteria can ensure that you can perform your outdoor activities all while remaining dry and warm. If indoors is the option your heart desires, maybe look to your home gym or neighborhood gym to join or renew your membership. If you are going to travel outdoors to a gym be sure that you also are equipped for this by wearing a light layer to keep your areas susceptible to illness (flu and colds) covered. This can be achieved by investing in a good sweatshirt or hoodie. The areas you want to ensure that can be covered are your chest, arms, and head. Investing in a sweatshirt or hoodie that is moisture wicking to help you stay dry until your home to shower or change. If you want to workout in your own home and are looking to spice things up a bit, try some of the fitness apps below.

Nike Training Club Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout FitStar Just because the cold has begun to show it’s face, doesn’t mean that we have to pack on the comfort food pounds or get away from our active lifestyles. Cold weather workouts can be done indoors or outdoors, just ensure that you are dressed properly to enjoy your workouts and fight the winter cold. If you would like to stay indoors or even switch up your routine in the gym, there are several apps available for that as well. Try some new things and hold on to your active lifestyle this season.

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