Shinola-Muhammad-Ali-Set-06-960x640 Shinola-Muhammad-Ali-Set-05-960x640 Shinola-Muhammad-Ali-Set-04-960x640 Shinola-Muhammad-Ali-Set-02-960x640 Shinola-Muhammad-Ali-Set-01-960x640 Shinola-Muhammad-Ali-Set-10-960x640Muhammad Ali is without a doubt one of the most legendary and controversial boxers of his time, and one of the greatest heavyweights to ever participate in the sport. To celebrate his lasting legacy Detroit-born maker Shinola teamed up with the Muhammad Ali Center to honor Ali’s contribution to boxing, and to being an innovator of his era. Ali, born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., was often referred to as “The People’s Champion” for his outspoken views on inequality and institutionalized discrimination.

The Ali collection is the newest in the brand’s “Great Americans” series, and will feature a limited-edition run of 400 watches. Each watch is available for men or women in 32mm or 41 mm sizes. The watches will be sold as part of a gift set that includes rare photographs of the boxer signed by photojournalist Thomas Hoepker, who took photographed Ali’s life in the 1960s.

If you’re thinking of getting this as a holiday gift for someone special you should know that it will cost you $2,250.

And if watches aren’t your thing, there are also limited-edition boxing gloves, a Detroit Arrow bike, a special robe made in collaboration with Sleepy Jones, and lastly, a Cassius Clay sweatshirt (this writer’s personal favorite aside from the gloves). Though they’re not part of the official Muhammad Ali Center collection, they’re still pretty awesome.

The collection will be available in-store and online

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