Nezumi Up Close

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Established in 2011, premium jeanswear brand Nezumi is the brainchild of Stockholm based denim aficionado David Campo Cárdenes.

The Nezumi design philosophy belongs to the authentic school of denim, but the aesthetic is anything but predictable. Campo Cárdenes’s penchant for the uniform is easy to spot – this is a style reference that comes naturally to the designer as he grew up in a family working within the aviation industry. His grandfather served as a pilot and aircraft engineer; Campo Cárdenes’s memories of playing in the hangars among the planes – watching his role model grandfather attending to his duties, or taking to the skies to test the aircrafts – have made a lasting impression and the aviation theme forms a fundamental part of the Nezumi aesthetic.

The brand name itself can also be traced back to Campo Cárdenes childhood, though it’s not related to aviation but rather a certain 19th century hero – a man who could be described as Japan’s equivalent of Robin Hood. His name was Jirokichi the Rat, aka Nezumi-Kozo, and his raison d’être was to steal from the rich samurai and give to the poor.
A little like Nezumi-Kozo, Campo Cárdenes likes to do good and has long donated to wildlife and animal welfare organisations including WSPA and Sea Shepherd, with the view to offer parts of the company profit to his chosen charities in the future.

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