Motion Code: Blue My 50M Yacht Concept


The prolific Austrian yacht design firm, motion mode: blue, have just released the initial sketches of their latest project. Unlike their current Sentori line of watercraft, like the Sentori 84 S and the 58 R, which have both gone straight into production, the MY 50M is just a concept for now. However that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been designed with production in mind, and the yacht can be built on request.

The main aim of the designers was to create a new shape for super yachts. One which was both modern, but also stylish and timeless. When the managing directors of mc:b had their first meeting with their clients, they were told: “We want a stunning design. If the yacht appears at port Hercules in Monaco, everyone should be overwhelmed. Design something like this.”

Motion code: Blue have used a combination of straight lines, design inspiration from the automotive world, and a stylish wave piercing hull to create something a little bit different. The shape of the top deck is designed to recall the profile of a sports coupe. In addition the designers wanted to make sure the MY 50M didn’t have the usual large yacht appearance of multiple decks stacked on top of each other. They wanted something which looked more coherent and streamlined.

In order to achieve this the designers created something they dubbed the “c-bracket”. This can be seen in the top image. Clue;  it’s the yellow colored c-shaped element which connects the upper deck to the fore deck.

Motion-Code-Blue-5m-yacht-3Christian Gumpold and Christopher Gloning, managing directors at mc:b, said of the MY 50M yacht concept: “The rear view and the stern section is one of the most important issues when you design a yacht. You have to appear bigger and wider than your neighbor at port. Even when you have the same length”. The unique design of the vessel means it has a more powerful and distinctive rear aspect than its competitors.

Motion-Code-Blue-5m-yacht-2The interior of the motion code: blue MY 50M yacht features an owners ‘loft’ on the upper deck as well as a large private terrace. A pool is located on the fore deck, and a Jacuzzi is on the fly bridge. An optional helipad makes arrivals and departure fast – and also very James Bond-chic.

Motion code: blue are still in the process of developing the MY 50M concept. So look forward to more details in the coming weeks.

Via Diseno Art 

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