Interview | Photographer: Albano Garcia

Photos above of BH, D, M Houses and Dachas, Bariloche, for Alric Galindez Archs studio.

Born in Buenos Aires, 1979.
Photographer and Graphic Designer (UBA). Albano works as a freelancer and lives in Buenos Aires. He specializes in publishing projects, Either in photography and / or graphic design, for clients from the architecture, design and visual arts fields.
His photography and design of clients includes Professional Council of Architecture and Urbanism (CPAU), Central Society of Architects (SCA), Marq, Malba, Entity of Tourism, Government of the City of Buenos Aires, University of Palermo, Bisman Editions, 8, 66 Barzón and Plot magazines, ad agencies Santo and Parson, Landia production house, TGLT developers and Montaldo, Pop-Arq, Barq, Rascovsky, 2H, MVS, Policastro-Mariñasky, Vila, Arquitectónika, SMF, Dactivo studios, entre otros.
He was the graphic designer of official Argentine send to Venice Architecture Biennale in 2012, 2010 and 2008 and to Sao Paulo Architecture Biennale 2011. Also, he has designs for magazine Arquis Faculty of Architecture, University of Palermo, and have designed Architecture Magazine magazine for SCA (2009-2013).
He exhibited His photos in Recoleta marca CC Borges, CC Konex, Buenos Aires Photo, Biennale Arte x Arte, Nonabia (9th International Architecture Biennale of Sao Paulo), Central Society of Architects (SCA), Museum of Architecture and Design (Marq) and Proa.
He’s won prizes and mentions. His photos has-been published in books, magazines and newspapers.
He’s published the book Flaneur, dedicated to portrait the streets of Buenos Aires.

For those who are unfamiliar with your work, provide a little of your background?

I’m a graphic designer and photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m 35. I studied design at university, and at the same time I discovered photography, gradually involving with it more and more, until becoming totally passionate and obsessed. With time, and without expressely search for it, I started to be contacted by editors, magazines, studios, to shoot assignments, and I became a professional.
What do you intend on offering to your audience?
I like to share what I find fascinating when walking around any city or town.
DSC_39181I’ve noticed that your photos on flaneur show candid city views. How does this process happen?
I shot analog for several years, until I got my first digicam in 2004. I decided to start a photoblog to force myself to shoot more, to view more, as an excercise. I shot what I got available, and it was my dear Buenos Aires. I started carrying my camera all day to all places, it was a great excercise. Its 10 years old now and includes something like 1300 photos.
 What is it that you want to say with your photographs, and how do you actually get them to do that?
I try to show you what I find fascinating, or funny, or ironic about our constructed landscape, and how it expresses ourselves as a society. I try to keep it as simple and straightforward as possible. What you see is what is there.
2005_0109campo21Many of your photos are at extreme angles, are these shots difficult to accomplish?
Thanks to my assignments, I sometimes get access to places that are impossible to reach for the general public. I try to get the most out of these opportunities.
2005_0430bondi1On average, how many photos do you take per shoot?
Per architecture assignment, I usually shoot around 300 to 400 photos, ending in about 50 final shots. The client usually uses 10 of these at most.
 How do you come across these projects, do they reach you or vice versa?
In most cases they reach me, directly or thru a book or magazine editor.
What gear do you use to capture your work?
I use full frame DSLRs with good lenses. I always shoot RAW and I deliver final processed images to the client.
 What motivates you to continue to take photographs?
I really enjoy it, I think I’ll keep doing it all my life, regardless if its as a professional or as an amateur (literally for the love for it). 
DSC_8007I noticed you have a multitude of print work in print, is that always the goal?
I really enjoy seeing my work in print, I try to get as much printed as possible, but mostly I enjoy sharing it, so usually it goes online too.
091205 You have done about 11 exhibitions, do you plan on having any in the states?
I would love to exhibit there, but its difficult to get access from here.
Be on the lookout for Albano in the States soon!

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