International Trap Gods


When you listen to rap these days, Trap beats and lingo is used heavily. So, it’s not surprising that this trend has made its way overseas. Rap culture has had a major impact on americans, it now has the opportunity to make a greater impact globally. Although I have no clue what these guys are saying, you can feel that they are living the same lifestyle as the more notable american rappers, they even feature a few on their tracks.

There are a few tracks that stood out to me while digging into these soundcloud catalogs.

Sevn Alias’ “Kifesh” produced by Esko, not the 56 nights guy… Regardless Watch for the dab below.

Lgoony & Crack Ignaz are german trappers with a squad filled video running the streets on some savage sh*t.

Chengdu Rap House got the juice. Period. Chinese two-9?

Regardless, stay tuned for these and more of their tours coming stateside soon!

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