Ferguson in the Office


The office is a place of “Business” to most and should be understood to everyone. Day to day activities become routine and cause a mulling effect on the workers in these offices. Many American employees have been at it since they were in there early twenties. Many counting down until that clock says it’s retirement time. This mulling effect creates an interesting dynamic in the office. Lets call it, “Water Cooler Syndrome”. WCS is common in most, if not all, workplace settings. That one place everyone goes when things get too mundane at the cube farm, or the one choke point in the farm everyone seems to congregate trapping passersby every few minutes to forcefully include in their random discussion about everything but “business”.

This brings me to the discussion no one seems to know anything about. Ferguson, Missouri. Not to say those with WCS are uninformed of the issue. It’s what one would call, a touchy subject, very interesting but touchy, touchier than the Giants – Eagles Game. That rivalry is one of the most aggressive debates in my office. Nonetheless, we’ve discussed the downed flights of MH370 and MH17, The Islamic State of East Africa, Ebola, White House security lapses, which celebrity is on the open market now, etc. This makes the lack of discussion more unsettling for me, a middle aged, 27, black male. I have a bit more invested in the conversation but I damn sure know better than to have my heart on my sleeve, in a work place that wasn’t set up for me.

I say, maybe it’s too political for the work place, too many grey areas that will bring unnecessary political rhetoric into an honest debate. Maybe talking about a police shooting will cause the sons and daughters of police officers to become defensive? Maybe they just don’t talk about it around me because I’m black? All these questions, and more, run through my head to come up with a justified reason there is a lack of discussion about something raiding the headlines of multiple publications.

A discussion needs to be held and everyone must join the party, not only the ones directly involved. If only the ones directly affected take part in any cause, the outcome will be drastically skewed. Taking a controlled sample for an experiment will not generate the results needed to come to a valid conclusion. Even Mob bosses sat across the table from their enemy to have a discussion on terms moving forward, regardless of the future and what transpired. A discussion was held first. I challenge you all reading this to speak with a stranger about a topic that may be “touchy”, they may have an interesting perspective on a solution.

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