Feit New NoLIta Location

Feit women’s slippers are $480 at the company’s new Manhattan store.Credit

For brothers Josh and Tull Price, “handmade” isn’t just a promise on a label but the basis of their burgeoning brand, Feit. The founders of the luxury shoe and accessories line, which is currently sold online and at specialty stores like Dover Street Market, are old-school cobblers disguised as contemporary conscientious creatives. Their designs are intentionally minimal to show off technique; the limited-run, slow-fashion approach is tailored to ensure a smaller environmental impact. Now, the Australian-born duo has opened their second stand-alone store and first in North America in NoLIta. The 500-square-foot space was conceived with the artist Jordana Maisie and is being touted as an installation, rather than a traditional shop. “We wanted to create a space that would allow the elements of craft and creativity to come to the forefront,” Tull says.

The interiors are made from unprocessed and recycled materials including Baltic birch, concrete and raw timber, while a view into an adjacent studio allows customers to feel a real connection with the physical making of their shoes. “The space feels like a deconstructed cobbler with a heightened sense of pre- and post-purchase service,” Tull says. Custom orders are available and repairs are offered onsite — both of which are rare amenities in today’s retail landscape. “The majority of brands have chosen to chase seasonal growth and are dumbing down their products,” Tull says. “Our aim is to build the highest-quality product possible.”

2 Prince St., feitdirect.com.

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