Brittsense | Kayla Reefer | Suspend

There’s rarely a moment when I meet someone and I’m completely riveted by their presence alone. There’s rarely ever a moment when I view another artist’s work and feel compelled or driven by it. That’s not to sound arrogant, mean, or disconnected, it’s simply to point out how much of a gem Brittani Sensabaugh really is. Rather than using her artistic voice for personal gain or “fame”, the Oakland-bred documentarian known as Brittsense casts her lens on the light most of the country and the world in its entirety, has tried to dim. I admire her for her selflessness and eagerness to go out into the universe and tell the story of those often dismissed or completely forgotten. A couple weeks ago I was fortunate enough to spend the day with Brittsense in Nickerson Gardens and see how she builds with our community firsthand… Full Interview ay Suspend

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