Baby It’s Cold Outside


That brisk weather came way too fast, we were not ready! This is the perfect weather to sit by the fire place and sip hot chocolate or grab that fleece blanket and bundled up with your significant other.  This could only call for bringing out those knits. We all know these pieces will keep you warm during these cold days and nights. Knit wear as you know has been around for a plethora of years and has evolved over the course of time.  From super chunky knit sweaters to dainty sweaters, heres our favs at Notation.  Burrrrr, bundled up folks!


Whether its greys, camels, creams, or burgundy these are all traditional classic colors.  These solid color knits are essential to your wardrobe.  With added textures like cable knits, ribbing or puffed finishes these make knits come more to life. Do you agree?


Prints are always in style if you ask us. From summer to winter, printed knits can spunk up your wardrobe. Whether its subtle or bold prints, these pieces make your wardrobe a little more unique.


We all know about those ugly sweater prints don’t we? No worries, you won’t catch that on Notation. However, we love the mix between cool prints, added embellishments and pops of color. Baby it’s cold outside.








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