Augmented Reality: Have You Noticed?

Many have heard of the term AI, Artificial Intelligence, but few know about AR, Augmented Reality. AR is a growing idea in the fields of publications, automotive, retail, and education. AR is “an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device,” according to Webster’s. With the advancements of the smartphone and other technology, AR is becoming more and more relevant.

“The work of Vizera Labs, whose cofounders imagine a future where brick-and-mortar stores could be replaced by smaller, cheaper, simpler spaces whose expensive physical inventory is replaced by virtual designs that can be projected onto just a few floor models.”

Via Masable

Jaguar and Land Rover have implemented AR into their concept vehicles as well. “Jaguar Land Rover’s new Virtual Windscreen concept wants to provide drivers with an interactive virtual display on the car’s windshield, delivering a kind of augmented-reality experience. The concept system’s features, as shown in the above video, include virtual racing lines that change color to indicate optimum braking positions on treacherous curves. The video also shows virtual cones placed along the road in real-time, a tool that could help train novice drivers.”

Via Mashable

AR allows for the Land rover to have a transparent hood, to see the ground under the vehicle to provide the best view of the terrain.

“During the demonstration, which you can watch in the video above, Land Rover equipped one of its new SUVs with wide-angle camera situated in the car’s grill. The camera view starts almost where the driver’s ends, and extends from directly in front of and below the grill, all the way under the engine and between the front two wheels. But that’s not the amazing part.” Via Mashable

Most well known example of AR is the google glass. Dubbed an Optical Head Mounted Display, OHMD, google glass offers a more tame approach to augmentation. Its small display location allows for a non invasive view of the data being displayed. As this day in London shows, everyday tasks can be handled without missing a beat.

Regardless of the application, AR is here and growing with each additional technological development. Stay tuned for more implementations of this emerging technology from companies like Yelp, Layar, and AcrossAir.

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