Melbourne-based Visual Artist and Painter Laelie Berzon paints to understand life s she’s living it, piece by piece, blending the dramatic influences of her Eastern European heritage with her modern perspectives to create a visual and emotional unfolding through the textural interchange of painting, collage and mixed media.

Like a million colorful swooshes on a canvas, Berzon’s paintings capture hearts and excite spaces. Influenced by childhood recollections of the portraits and illustrations of her Latvian Grandfather and the paintings, murals and sculpture collected by her parents, Berzon turns to painting as both a release and a healing platform; expressing her inner thoughts and emotions, epiphanies, reflections, complexities of human culture, speculations and imaginings through abstract visual language.

Vehement brushwork and exaggerated texture, vivid color, collage and other disruptions on the surface are key to the essence of her body of work. Berzon sweeps through a broad palette of hues, her potent brushstrokes imbued with passion and evoking movement.

Bringing artistic insights to the practicality of everyday items, Berzon is the Director of furniture brand Something Beginning With (SBW), a collaboration with Designer Lisa Vincitorio. SBW is a brand with a vision to inspire by providing a stimulating and refined collection of furniture, focusing closely on function, clarity, simplicity, both in form and materials, and a sophisticated color palette. Creating innovative, elegant, high-quality, Australian-made designs that are accessible to the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors.

Widely traveled, Laelie Berzon draws inspiration from a mosaic of rich and diverse influences and paints with a unique voice. Her emergent body of work is compelling, candid and intriguing.

Abstract+oil+paintings+by+Melbourne-based+artist+Laelie+Berzon5 Abstract+oil+paintings+by+Melbourne-based+artist+Laelie+Berzon4 Abstract+oil+paintings+by+Melbourne-based+artist+Laelie+Berzon3 Abstract+oil+paintings+by+Melbourne-based+artist+Laelie+Berzon2 Laelie-Berzon-Artist-Artwork-Oil-Painting-Canvas-Abstract-Australia-2.jpg Laelie-Berzon-Artist-Artwork-Oil-Painting-Canvas-Abstract-Australia-5.jpg

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