Annoushka presents Ilgiz Fazulzyanov

A film by Ilgiz Fazulzyanov showing his every meticulous process in the creation of one of his beautiful pieces.

Artist and jeweller, Ilgiz designs and creates his masterpieces himself in his Moscow workshop, demonstrating his exquisite craftsmanship he works with wax, precious metals, gems and vitreous enamels.
Having trained as an artist, Ilgiz is untainted by ideas of what is ‘not possible’ in jewellery design, and constantly tries to push the boundaries of craft and design in his creations, pairing wonderful combinations of stones with intricately enamelled gold forms to create works of art as wearable jewellery objects.

Copyright Ilgiz Fazulzyanov © 2014.

Available exclusively in Great Britain at Annoushka boutiques.

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