Adobe Illustrator: The Rise of an Industry

“The pre-Adobe Illustrator age of graphic design was an extremely tedious, meticulous analog process.” We didn’t jump directly to this great program used in almost every print/graphic design application today, prior to Illustrator there was PostScript. “You could have any size type. You could squash it and stretch it. It could deal with images and graphics,” Warnock says in the video. With the launch of Adobe Illustrator in 1987, no more scissors and exploding rapidograph pens exploding. “In this mini-documentary by Terry Hemphill that tells the story of the revolutionary software, designers like Jessica Hische, Ron Chan, Bert Monroy, and Dylan Roscover, as well as Adobe co-founder John Warnock, recount the pivotal moment when computers became indispensable design tools.”

Via Fast & Co

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