Joshua Kissi :  Live at the Loft has been the best kept secret amongst city dwellers for some time and now is the perfect time to let it out. When TONE asked us if we were willing to guest host one of our favorite live shows to attend ‘Live at the Loft’ there was a very little chance we would reject his offer. We made the vigorous trek from the Bronx to Hoboken – commuting to Hoboken,NJ wasn’t a logistical nightmare as we thought it would be, besides we conducted our very first video interview in this exact location three years ago – minus the bright lights, people and amazing music.

ERIMAJ – The musically talented crop of gentleman who may call many places around the nation home met and formed in New York City. Lead by drummer Jamire Williams, with additional vocals from Chris Turner , musical composing by Corey King and Williams. To describe the band’s performance just as a performance wouldn’t give them their just due and respect. It was truly an experience to watch the band perform live as I would compare their performance to viewing a live cinematic film take place right before you. In the video above they perform their melodic tune which also is their next single titled “Social Life”, we hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did.

We all live in a digital space where so much occurs it was truly a pleasure to witness this live and document it courtesy of the genius folks at LATL. We have always tried to intertwine music into our website whether if it was a song that accompanied a post, or a full out editorial such as Sartorial Sounds. We find ourselves hanging on the notion that style/lifestyle should dictate more than how does one dress, but how does one actually live in his/her clothing. Live at the Loft is one of those great experiences we wanted to share with you guys.

Thank you.

Until next time.

  • Jamire Williams-bandleader, drummer
  • Chris Turner-vocals
  • Corey King-keyboard, background vocals
  • Adam Agati-guitar
  • Vicente Archer-acoustic bass
  • Burniss Travis-electric bass

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